Brides on a Budget: Carnation Comeback!

One of the most common phrases we hear in the floral business by brides is, “I’m on a budget”.  And understandably so.  Weddings have become BIG business.  So we are going to offer some tips every so often to help you stay within your budget.  Tip #1 – Reconsider the Carnation.

One of the most important questions we ask a bride is, “Are there any flowers you don’t like?”.  This may seem silly, but it helps us to steer clear of certain suggestions.  The most disliked flower is the carnation.  I can’t tell you how many times we have brides say they don’t want those.

There seems to be a negative stigma associated with carnations.  Mostly, I think people think of them as funeral flowers. Which if you must know, the last funeral arrangement I did had no carnations at all.  It’s simply an old stereotype.    The reality is that carnations can make for very beautiful arrangements.

Let’s look at the positive:

1.  They come in almost every color and varying shades of those colors.  If you have a specific shade to match, they are your best bet.  From vibrant purples and reds to soft peaches and pinks!

2.  They are fluffy!  For brides that want fluffy arrangements, these are a great addition.

3.  They are YEAR ROUND!  It doesn’t matter what season you are getting married.  The carnation is available.  I love peonies and anemones and ranunculus…but they have their seasons.

4.  They are inexpensive!  We can certainly appreciate brides on a budget, especially in this economy.  Carnations are an inexpensive way to make really pretty arrangements.

5.  They last for a loooooong time!  They are one of the heartiest flowers.  They stay pretty for a long time which means you (or maybe your family) can have those arrangements decorating their home after the wedding is over.

Have I convinced you yet?  Well don’t take my word for it…watch Chassie Post, editor of, talk about carnations on The Today Show this summer in her Don’t Diss the Carnation segment.  She’s a hip New Yorker and happens to love the carnation.

I am posting one of my favorite arrangements we did using carnation pom balls just to show you how creative you can be with the carnation.

A fun way to decorate an entry table with manzanita branches and carnation pom balls in different colors.

A fun way to decorate an entry table with manzanita branches and carnation pom balls in different colors.  Definitely makes a statement!

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